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VCUAE’S Exclusive Deals For You!

VCUAE’S Exclusive Deals For You!

It’s time for you to go shopping bananas!

VCUAE is now going to tell you about the best deal we have in town, prepared to be tempted into buying a whole lot of stuff for half the price with these amazing coupons and promo codes.

It’s holiday time and you’ve been rearing to go, saved up to make that annual trip happen? Well, it’s happening alright.

Check out these great deals Emirate’s has which guarantees you a 10% Off  on Online Booking!

You can also fly with Tajawal, the biggest Middle East online travel organization, and know that you are definitely flying only with the best. If you book now you Get a 5% Discount so don’t keep waiting, get it while you can!

Now no occasion is complete without the perfect outfit, if you aren’t one who likes the big shopping malls which get extremely tiring, or you simply don’t like the hassle of having to move out of your seat to pick out something, check out our deals with Noon and get a 10% discount on all fashion.

You can also have a look at Wadi which gives you a flat 10% off on all purchase sitewide, so you can pick up anything and know that you are guaranteed a discount!

Namshi too has some interesting deals for you, so make sure you don’t miss out on picking from the largest variety of brands online and being absolutely chic this summer because Namshi  has a 10% off an all fashion items.

Are you big on gadgets, but you know that hobby does come with at a price and a hole in your pocket.

Souq’s here to help with that, they have kitchen appliances and what’s what of the gadget work, they are giving a 10% sitewide discount, which again includes everything!

They don’t just stop there, Souq has a variety of other products so log on to our VCUAE website to check out the rest of them.

We even have some great offers for all you flower lovers out there, 800 flower UAE is the perfect place to get yourself, a friend or loved one a beautiful bouquet of flowers of even a flower arrangement. They have a 10% Discount Code On All Purchases, nothing say’s I love you rather than freshly cut flowers designed just the way someone you know will like it.

We’ve given you just a short review of what you can expect from VCUAE, but the fun has just begun, visit our website to find yourself in the coupon discount world and we guarantee to have you smiling with all the great deals you would have gotten your hands on!

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