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Urology surgery at low cost prices

urology specialist in India

Urology surgery deals with the medical and surgical needs of the urinary track system in both male and females. The surgeons would need to operate on the bladder, genitals or even the kidney. In extreme cases reconstruction of the reproductive system could also be a possibility. Out of 6, 1 person suffers from urinary problems. There is no denying the fact that urology surgery is the best solution for this problem.

The symptoms

The most frequent symptom that forces you to visit an urologist is frequent levels of urination. One may also face difficulty in urinating or pain may be following the same. The chances of blood soaking in the toilet paper or urine are also high. Some patients also experience frequent urination at night and some of them even go on to suspect that they are facing impotent problems. Chances of leakage relating to urine cannot be ruled out as well. In addition to the routine physical exam, the doctor may ask you to be part of various blood tests. The tests are generally undertaken on the urine or the blood. Pelvic exam is common and if the need arises X rays as well. It could very well be possible that the tests are not scheduled for the first day and on your next visit you may be asked to appear for these tests. Once a diagnosis is undertaken you can go on to discuss all the treatment options with your doctor as well.

The preparation related to the surgery

When you are told that surgery is needed it is not something that is like music to your ears. To gain the trust and reduce the anxiety levels there are numerous questions that you can go on to pose your urologist. When you visit an urologist keep a list of questions in handy. Some of the questions that you could ask during the course of appointment are as follows

Could you explain to me what the surgery is all about and how it is going to help me

Do we need to wait or is the surgery needed at the very moment

Is there anything to lose if I wait and observe what the condition is going to be before I plan for the surgery

Could you provide me with an idea on how soon can I recover from the surgery

How many procedures has the surgeon gone on to perform till date

Is there any form of other treatment with patients who are on the same boat as me

On all counts it is recommended that you get in touch with a urology specialist in India. They have been part of several successful surgeries and their track record is a testimony to that fact. Most of the surgeons have gone on to have their education in the top tier institutes of the world and then come back to India to impart their skill sets. Even the doctors who practice in India are of top calibre at the same time as well.

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