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Top 4 Signs of Wheel Balance Problems

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As we all know that the wheel balancing can have a huge impact upon your car’s performance along with the safety. Do you know why your car wheels get imbalanced? It’s all due to the heavy spots, which can cause the tires as well as wheels to spin with an unwanted vibration. In that case, wheels must be balanced by simply readjusting the weight around the car wheels. Don’t confuse wheel adjustment with the wheel alignment. These are 2 entirely different things. Wheel balancing has to do with the relation to ground and angle of the wheels.

But how do you determine that you need to get your car wheels balanced? Here are a few signs, if you pay attention while driving, will ping you that it’s time get your wheels balanced. So let’s dig in and discover those signs now;


If your car has the wheel balance problem, it will usually result into vibration in your car. For instance; if there is a wheel imbalance in your car, you are most likely to experience vibrations in the steering wheels especially at highway speeds. In that case, you are supposed to speed mostly between 50-70 mph. nowadays, many new cars are manufactured with light weight as well as ultra-sensitive suspension along with wheels. Consequently, this makes the new cars more sensitive to the wheel imbalance as compared to the older cars. Car tire brands produce high quality tires.


Noise in your car is usually associated with wheel imbalanced but it’s actually rooted from the vibration due to wheel imbalance. When the wheels are imbalanced and they vibrate, this thing creates a light humming noise. But at the lower speed, you won’t be able to hear this sound even if you are car has the wheel balance problem. Just like the vibration issue, you will be able to identify this noise at highway speeds as the buzzing or humming sound intensifies at higher speeds.

Tire Wear

In case your car tires begin to show up with an unusual wear pattern, they must have got imbalanced then. It usually occurs on the edges of your car tires and it seems either cupped or scalloped. If you have ever noticed before, the normal wear pattern are not primarily along the edge of the tire but are mostly across the tread.

Front/Back Wheels Vibrations

No matter which car tyre brands you use, the drive won’t be smooth and safe if your wheel is not really well. Especially in case of the wheel imbalance, you need to be very careful and get your car checked first for whether it’s safe to drive or not. How do you actually determine if the front wheels have an imbalance or back ones? If you feel the vibrations in the steering wheel of your car, it means that the wheel imbalance is in the front wheels of your car. If you feel your seat vibrating while you are driving, then it’s most likely that you back wheels need to be balanced.


Do you want to know about the signs that help you identify the wheel imbalance problem? Just check out the article now.

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