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Some Salvage Car Business Fraudulent Practices to Avoid

Salvage Car Business

A salvaged vehicle is supposed to be one that actually has been wrecked in an accident and totaled by insurance company. When an insurance company reviews a damaged car, they would declare a car as totaled only when the expenses involved in the repairing job exceed the value of the

Instagram vs. Facebook: Promoting Your Brand on Social Media

Instagram vs. Facebook

Today, in this era of digital marketing there are so many effective platforms on the social media; most of the marketers often get overwhelmed with the plethora of options. While most of them try to promote their business on all the platforms, intelligent marketers choose a unique platform that will

How to Get the Best out of Instagram for Your Marketing Campaign


Social media networks have become an integral part of modern business marketing. Among the most popular social media platforms, today is Instagram and this has now metamorphosed into a powerful business tool. When Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched this photo and video sharing app in 2001, they never knew

How Entrepreneurs Can Become More Accomplished Decision Maker


Entrepreneurs have always been considered as the class-apart in having a high intelligence quotient and considered as the natural born problem solvers. And do you know what the key behind this problem-solving ability is? Because they make difficult decisions to solve difficult problems. In this post we will unpack some