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Syphilis – The Causes and Symptoms That You Must Know About


Syphilis refers to a contagious infection that spreads through oral, vaginal or anal sexual intercourse. However, medical practitioners say it is even possible for you to contact this disease by kissing your partner for a prolonged period. If you suffer from this ailment, sores start to appear in various parts of your body especially in the regions of your mouth, vagina, anus, lips, and rectum. In the beginning, you may not able be to recognize them because they are not painful. While these sores heal and disappear with time without the need for any treatment or medication, the ‘Treponema Pallidum’ bacteria that causes this disorder continues remains in your body. Sharing clothes, toilet seats, bathtubs and utensils with other people cannot cause this illness.

Causes of Syphilis

Medical practitioners specializing in the treatment of this disorder explains that this disease can affect you only when you have sexual intercourse with a person suffering from this infection. The bacteria from the syphilis sores of such an individual can enter your body through either the mucous membranes or minor cuts you may have on your skin. In sporadic case, a mother suffering from this ailment can transmit the bacteria to the unborn fetus in her body during pregnancy. If you indulge in sexual activities with multiple partners, suffer from human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus or do use a condom you are more likely to suffer from this illness.

The doctors go on to explain that this disorder develops in distinct stages. The symptoms of each phase differ one another. When the disease first affects you, small sores known as chancre starts to appear on your body usually in the area of your genitals. You do not notice it in the beginning because it is virtually painless. However, over a period of three weeks, these sores will develop and heal by themselves after a month.


The detection of Syphilis is done with the aid of an ELISA test. You will know how to read ELISA results once the treatment starts. This will largely help you to monitor your medical progress once your doctor starts treating you over the course of time.

Within a week of this healing, you begin to experience rashes appears all over your body including the soles of your feet and palms. However, in the regions of your mouth and private parts, these skin eruptions take the shape of a wart. In this phase, you could suffer from muscles aches, fevers, a sore throat and premature hair loss. These symptoms may frequently occur and heal by themselves for a year. During this phase, it is important for you to make an appointment with your general practitioner who will diagnose your condition and refer you to a specialist in this field.

In the subsequent stages, there may not be any distinct physical symptoms on your body, but the bacteria will remain. If you have not seen a doctor in this phase, there will be severe medical complications. The ailment can severely damage your brain, nervous system, eyes, liver, joints and blood vessels. It will also make you vulnerable to human immunodeficiency (HIV) disease.

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