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A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize your Corporate Event at a Banquet Hall

Corporate Event at a Banquet Hall

Planning a corporate event is a matter of prestige for the enterprise and should be cautiously planned from its inception. Whether planning a seminar, conference or a retirement party, organising a corporate event is a bit different when you are looking for a wedding banquet halls or planning to organize regular birthdays. Whether you are a professional planner or just a novice in this party planning business, you need to take care of all the details for the party and get it organized effortlessly. Just go through the complete requirement set that you must not overlook while initiating your corporate event planning.

Who are the targeted audience? Whether they are your office colleagues, your immediate seniors or this is an event organised by your company for another one, make sure that you are informed about the guests or participants of the event before-hand. This would help you in preparing about the agenda, select the location etc. depending on them. Keep in mind about the targeted audience, this would help you to keep a close watch over the goal of organising such an event.

  • What is the agenda or point of discussion? After having a clear perspective on the type of audience, decide the type of event you are going to organize. Whether this a team building event, a motivational speech, training or seminar, your program content should be cleared out so that you may arrange the setting of the venue over that particular theme.
  • Is it the right time to have an event? Prior to making any arrangements, make sure that the industry or team for which you are going to organise the event are well aware about the upcoming event and thus have cleared out their schedules in advance. Check the calendar and make sure that your event is not close to any weekend or holiday season. This would see a lower participation in your event due to their absence.
  • Who are managing the event? Not everyone in your team is skilled enough to handle every aspect of an event. Then modularise the team members according to their expertise, aptitude and knowledge over organising an event. Let there be different teams for planning the location, finance, promotions, fundraisers and volunteering act for the event. This would bring a uniformity in your event planning and the tasks would be threaded out accordingly.
  • What’s your budget? As we are very well aware how venue and budget are important for successful event. Whether you are getting sponsors or not, having a budget is very important for beginning your planning. You need to have full information on the outflows of your event. As we know that a budget includes venue reservations, accommodations for outstation participants, transportation charges, catering, activities, prize money (if any) and the speakers, thus channelize your capital judiciously over these particulars.
  • Have your event being broadcasted? Gaining an audience for an event requires awareness. You need to choose some really impactful theme or idea that will be sensational enough to gain their attendance. Though if your firm has been approached by the said company for organizing a particular event or if you are interested in conducting a seminar, then you need to approach them through other marketing mediums. Make sure to come up with some really active topic of discussions that they are compelled to visit. A catchy tagline is a must for getting the attention your event deserves.
  • How to choose a venue? Choose a type of venue that can accommodate the number of participants easily. The capacity should be in accordance to your guest list. Moreover, the location of the venue should be such that it is easily accessible by a public transport. It should have all the facilities and the modern stage setup and all the equipment you require to have.
  • Have you gathered all your equipment? You cannot just start your event with chairs and tables. For organizing an event you need a lot more to achieve. You need to set up a sound system to create good networking among the participants. You should also arrange for the parting gifts for the attendees. Hospitality is the major concern for any event and this being a professional one would brand your reputation as well. Thus, with a whole lot of technical arrangements you need to take care of your guests as well. If your event is to be hosted at a banquet, all these facets will be looked upon by banquet hall services.
  • How interactive would be the session? People would be actively participating in the event when you have arranged for some two-way communication in your session. With some question-answer rounds, small activities, quizzes, you will definitely see more enthusiasm in your crowd. But, this kind of session should be restricted from quarter to half an hour only.
  • What’s the schedule for the event? If this a single day seminar or a week’s workshop, you should definitely prepare an itinerary for your guests to go through it. Preparing a properly scheduled timeline for every event would help you in creating uniformity among the event. Your guests could arrange their personal schedules for that day. Preparing an itinerary would help your team in managing the event efficiently.
  • Is your event flexible enough? If some situation arises and you have to postpone or cancel out your event you should be in condition to do so. There might be a situation when you would have to migrate your event to another location. This is perfectly natural to fall into certain circumstances and you should be flexible enough to handle it.
  • Are you working within your budget? When you are putting your best foot forward to throw a grand event, make sure that you are doing it within the budget and within an applied time-frame. Since this is going to be a big event, you should prepare it several months in advance.

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