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Shortlist and Then Select the Final Boarding School for your Child

Final Boarding School

Whether you choose a boarding school or a private school for your child, it does involve a lot of steps. But at the age of internet, the basic and the very first steps of research have become easier.

One can easily choose the best boarding schools in India CBSE by doing a basic internet search and get some basic details about the school which can help them to know the schools better.

Here are some major steps that you need to follow in order to find the right boarding school for your child.

  • Try and explore each and every school’s website that catches your fancy. Each and every school has its own website and in some of them they take you to a virtual video tour of the school. Also they have the basic information about the school on their sites. It is always a good idea to go to the review section of the site to see what the ex students have to say about the school. Sometimes you can get a very clear view of the school by checking the review sections. But yes, do not check one or two schools and then decide. Try and check as much schools as possible. The more the search, the more will be available options for you. And you never know, maybe you can get hold of a very good school for your child by doing that. The sites of schools which you like always bookmark them because you may need to go back to the site later.
  • Once all the basic checking and research works are done the parent needs to narrow the list now. If you have a list on your own then it will be good for you to make a thorough research on these shortlisted schools on the basis of which one can process further. Remember, the list should not be more than 10 schools otherwise it will be a huge task for you to make the advanced research on them. If you do not want a co educational school, then keep them out of the list. If you need some special needs to be present in those schools then find out first if they have it or not before proceeding further. Also, if you specifically want a military school, then keep them only in your search list.
  • Always consult with the child before proceeding further. If your child is too small to make a decision then you have to do it on your own but if they are above 8 years old, then you have to take their opinion. Always keep in mind what they prefer and what not. Also remember, if they are not at all willing to go to a boarding school then do not force them to go there.

There are plenty of cbse boarding schools in India where one can send their child. But they need to go through a thorough admission process before your child actually gets a chance to study there.

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