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Safest Steroid That Helps you to Reach Fitness Goals

safest steroid cycle

Anavar is the trademark name of Oxandrolone steroid and it is also called as ‘Var’. This steroid is initially used to enhance muscle growth in the patients who are suffering with muscle wasting disorders. Anavar is considered the safest steroid cycle and is also considered as a highly desired oral steroid for athletes and bodybuilders. Improved cardiovascular endurance – increases your body’s ability to transport the oxygen to your muscles needed for longer workouts and more output. Many people choose Anavar for increasing endurance and stamina

Though this steroid costs high, its unique abilities and benefits make it the best choice for everyone. Due to its reputation, Anavar is produced by many underground labs in various dosages. They are available in tablet form of 10 mg to 50mg. Anavar is considered the safest steroid cycle because of its non-aromatising nature and low androgenic activity. Its side effects are very less but its usage delivers slow quality gains.

Anavar is available in oral form and is produced by a number of reputed underground labs. Depending on the lab, tablets will be available in doses between 10 mg to 50 mg. Anavar cycle generally ranges from 50 mg per day to 80 mg per day for the period of six weeks to eight weeks. Those new to this steroid can opt for the lower end that is they can use 50 mg per day for decent results whilst minimizing side effects. 80 mg per day is considered as maximum dose of Anavar and this dose usually gives greater muscle gain, but this dosage is perfect only for more experienced users and for the users who have a better understanding of the tolerance and side effects of the steroid.  Anavar half-life is around 12 hours; so generally, this steroid is taken throughout the day in two or three evenly spaced doses to produce stable concentrations.

Taking this Anavar tablet with a meal is often the best idea to minimise stomach upsets. For example, a user who takes 50mg cycle can take one 25 mg dose at breakfast and another 25mg during at the evening meal. This steroid does not cause any estrogen related side effects such as Gynecomastia which leads to the formation of breast tissue and puffy looking nipples. On the other hand, as this steroid has low androgenic activity, it also reduces chances of androgenic side effects like baldness, oily skin, acne, and aggressiveness. Anavar Steroid does not cause harsh effects on the liver compared to many other oral steroids, but stacking it with another drug that causes liver issues can lay the path to side effects. Because of all these reasons, the Anavar steroid is a safe steroid when compared to other steroids. Anavar steroid is also the best choice for those who are prone to androgenic side effects.

Anavar steroid is also a popular oral steroid to stack with other compounds. The popular choices for stacking are usually either the trenbolone injectable steroid or Primobolan injectable steroid. It increases body’s ability to transport the oxygen to muscles that are required for heavy workouts and more output. So, many people choose Anavar steroid for increasing endurance as well as stamina.

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