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Pros and Cons for Travelling During the Holidays


World travelers who want to spend the major holidays away from their homes can find so many festive cities in Europe and all over the world. However, there are also drawbacks to traveling during this time of the year. Closed attractions, crowded squares, and higher rates can make your trip less convenient than traveling at other times. Before booking your ticket, consider the pros and cons to decide if it’s the best option for you. 


Holiday Atmosphere

The holidays are not just celebrated in the US. No matter where you decide to go, the festive atmosphere, Christmas trees, Christmas lights and mulled wine and happy people will still be there – it might just be in another language.

It’s a Change of Pace

The truth is that even the most exciting family traditions get boring after some years. Going on a trip during the most wonderful time of the year can sometimes offer a much-needed change of pace. New places offer new adventures, new traditions and a chance to make completely new unforgettable holiday memories.

You Can Escape Freezing Weather

Depending on where you want to go for the holidays, a New Year’s or Christmas getaway can help you escape freezing winter weather. And early January is just an ideal time to take a break from the cold weather before bracing yourself for the final few months of winter. Even if you are not thinking about visiting some tropical place with astonishing beaches, visiting a new place can provide a fresh perspective. We all need to recharge our batteries after the holiday season, so a short trip in late December or early January can give you a chance to relax.


It Can Be Crowded

If you are planning a trip to Sydney, New York or some other popular destination, be aware that you are not the only one with this idea. While a lot of people travel to see their dearest during the holidays, others plan trips abroad, too, since parents are often not working and children are off school.

Transportation and Lodging Costs

Christmas and New Year’s are popular time to travel. But, traveling during the holidays also means that hotel and airfares rates are higher, especially for popular travel destination like London and New York. If you want to save some money, we recommend you to travel a few weeks later in January or February for fewer crowds and better rates. To secure the best rates, when booking your flight, make sure to use the airline’s flexible dates search function.

Some Attraction Are Closed for the Holidays

While many businesses will remain open, expect popular restaurants, shops and museums to close their doors on major holidays. So, if you decide to visit a new destination on Christmas, New Year’s Day or some other holiday be sure to plan ahead everything. And remember, that an attraction or shop shouldn’t be open on such days just because it is well-known. Visit the sites on every attraction you are planning to visit to know when visiting hours will be during your stay.

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