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Phrases Inbound Call Center Agents Should Never Say

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Customers are the lifeblood of every business. That is why it is necessary for the company to make sure that the product quality, packaging and every other thing is the best. However, even after making the best of your efforts, sometimes the customers get disappointed or face some problem while using the product or service.

This is precisely where the effective inbound call centers come in. The customer support toll-free number connects to the call center you have hired and now it’s on them to make your disgruntled customers full of delight again. If the call center agent will fail to do so, the consequences would be major. The irate customers not only will make a shift to some other company but also speak badly of you in front of others.

Hence, it is quintessential for your agents to handle each customer call with care and to be very mindful of the phrases they use. Many times your agents end up speaking phrases which they shouldn’t, mentioned here are a few of them.

  1. Can you repeat your details?

The agents of inbound calls centers say this often. This is what majorly irritates a customer even if he is talking nicely to you I the first place. Callers don’t want to repeat what they say, they expect the agents to be efficient enough and listen to them carefully. However, sometimes, the agents may find it difficult to hear everything the customer is saying in the first go. Maybe, because the customer spoke too rapidly. So, you should get the call recorded in the CRM, so that they can hear it again.

  1. I’ll make him call you back in a minute.

Telling the caller that the concerned person will call him back in a certain period of time is not right. A time limit should not be put until and unless you are not sure that the person will be able to call the person exactly at that time. This will leave a bad impression of your company. So, never say that instead tell the person an extended time, the time till which you are certain that the person will be able to call him back, say 5 minutes, not more than that, it’s not good to make your customers wait for long.

  1. Let me scrutinize.

It may seem to be okay to say that I will check for the best solution and then get back to you, but this makes the customer feel like the solution to the problem will consume a lot of their time. They feel like they will be called, again and again, making your customers feel so isn’t a sign of efficiency. Instead of saying this, you should tell the caller the action plan and try to solve their problem in real time.

  1. You are our priority.

Making such a statement will make it clear to the caller that you are trying to flatter them. They know quite well that you receive a lot of calls in a day and you probably say this statement to every other person on the line. The customers consider this statement quite useless, so it is better for the agents to give the solution to their problem and make them feel that they are the company’s priority in place of saying it.

  1. It’s our company policy.

This phrase, in particular, can make the customer feel like you are not interested in handling their problem and that you are indifferent to your customer’s expectations. Go an extra mile to offer them some alternates or solve their problem. This will increase the customer loyalty, so try to replace this phrase with the best response to their problem.

  1. Hold for a moment.

Being put on hold is something that even the agent would not appreciate, then how could you expect the callers to be okay with being put on hold. So, at least inform them that if they will be on hold for a while, the solution to their problem will be given soon. Knowing this will calm the customer and will make him ready to be on hold. Still, inbound call centers should avoid putting them on hold for long as this will make him furious and he may disconnect the call also.

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