Sikh Wedding Ceremony and Rituals

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Marriage is not just about love. It is more than that. It is about commitment, giving, taking and understanding. Typically, the Sikh wedding ceremony is called the Anand Karaj (“ceremony of bliss”). Specialties About Sikh Wedding Sikh and Punjabi wedding rituals are very colorful, exciting yet simple and religious with plenty

Homemade Remedies for Removing Dandruff

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 Dandruff is common problem mostly seen by everyone. People will come across with many options when they are about to remove dandruff from hairs. It makes the skin dry and itchy in nature. Homemade remedies will work better for them in removing dandruff along with making their hairs shiny and

Paddle with the Changing Cleanliness Needs

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Over the years, the need of cleanliness is increasing significantly. In earlier times, the spaces were cleaner; there were less machines, population, and pollution. But in this present era, everything is over crammed. Amidst so much of competition, sufferings and advancements; cleanliness is getting the front seat. More and more