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How to Organise Your Home Office Effectively

Working from home is convenient and easy but it requires real time effort from your end. And just because you are working from house does not mean that you have the liberty to concentrate wholly on yourtasks. You need to be punctual, professional and organised to make it work.

Your home office will be your safe haven in case you plan to work from home.It is the place where you can spend your time strategising, conducting meetings and doing things necessary to keep your business afloat. All your work related accessories like important papers, files, folders, reports, stationary, laptop and other things have to be at their proper place so that you don’t have to waste time in finding these things whenever required.

Organising your home office is not a big deal if you inculcate these few things –

  1. De-clutter the office – The first thing to do in order to systematise your home office is to make it clutter free. Remove the extras that are no longer useful and put everything in its place. With a lot of things lying around the floor or work desk,you could find yourself in a tangle of wires or buried in a pile of papers.
  2. Sweep the office desk – When you start working, a lot of scrap around your PC or laptop can distract you from work. A little chaos is enough to baffle you and divide your attention. So don’t let these things put you off the tasks at hand andsweep your office desk at least once a day and keep it clean and well arranged.
  3. Organise the system and laptop – How will you be able to work when your computer and its peripheral devices take upmost of the space on your desk?You wouldn’t have space to put away your filesand other required things on it.

So arrange the system and all the devices properly. Put the CPU and printer in a different section under your desk. You can also use a wireless mouse or keyboard to avoid the tangle of wires on the table and save space on the work table for other things.

  1. Toss the old things– Many a time it happens that things like old pens, outdated bills and papers, broken office equipments, old newspapers and magazines that are no longer useful occupy space in your office.

Take a few minutes to locate such items and throw them away. Don’t let such things rein your work space anymore.

  1. Stash away the extra things–Things like extra pen, marker, files which are not going to be used for next few days and your personal thing like watch or purse which do not have any essential role on the desk can be kept in an appropriate drawer to let your desk breathe more freely. There are two advantage of doing this – your things will be in their right place and your desk will look less messy.
  2. Keep important things handy–It is best to keep a notepad handy to note down a phone number or an address while talking on the phone instead of scrambling in search of one.

Fixing a meeting and not havingyour calendar near you to confirm the date is another example of poor office management. To get around this, it’s better to keep the important and handy things within reach and your hand and at a fixed place.

  1. Make a do-to list in calendar – How will you keep track of your plans and meetings? If you think you will remember it all, you are wrong. You are likely to forget the mental notes that you make because at times the information becomes too much to process. You need to write down about these upcoming events somewhere either in your diary or on your smartphone whichever is ideal. Sticky notes can also be of help to keep tabs on important deadlines or meetings.

So this weekend take a break from the work and spend some time de-cluttering, organising and arranging your home office. Use office storage boxes to store important files and papers.

Follow these simple tricks and let your home office play a crucial role in your success.

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