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Open Heart Surgery – Best Heart Surgeon In Delhi

Open Heart Surgery

The surgery is the kind of treatment where the chest is cut open,and then the operation is performed on valves, muscles or arteries of theheart.

According to the research, coronary artery bypass grafting is the common surgery which is performed by best heart surgeon in Delhi on adults.

During the procedure, a healthy vein or artery is grafted to the blocked one. This allows the grafted artery to bypass blocked theartery and bring the fresh blood to theheart.

This surgery sometimes is also referred as traditional heart surgery. Now, many procedures can be performed with small incisions and not the large openings.

When is the surgery needed?

The surgery is done to perform CABG. The coronary artery bypass graft might be necessary for the people who are suffering from coronary heart disease.

This disease mainly takes place when the blood vessels that provide oxygen and blood to the muscle of heart become hard and narrow. Thisis considered as ‘hardening of the arteries.’

It becomes hard when the fatty materials form plaque on the walls of the coronary arteries. It makes them narrow which make it difficult for the blood to pass through. When theblood is unable to flow properly to the heart, aheart attack can take place.

The surgery is also done to:

  • Replace or repair heart valves which allow the blood to travel through heart
  • Abnormal areas or repair damaged the heart
  • Implanted medical devices that help the heart to beat properly
  • Replacing the injured heart with the donated one

How is the surgery performed?

According to the health institution, CABG takes four to six hours. It is done by following these steps:

  • A patient is givenanesthesia which makes sure that the patient will sleep and would not feel pain throughout the procedure.
  • A surgeon cuts 9 to 10 inch on the chest.
  • A surgeon cuts all the part of the breastbone to expose the heart.
  • When the heart gets visible, the patient will get connected to heart-lung bypass machine.
  • A surgeon will use the healthy artery or vein to make new way around the blocked one.
  • A surgeon will close the breastbone with the help of a wire, and it remains inside the body.
  • Original cut gets the stitches.

People who are at higher risk, sometimes the best heart surgeon in Delhi do the sternal plating, mainly for the patients who have gone through various surgeries or people of old age.

Sternal plating is when the bone of breast is joined with the small plates of titanium after the surgery.

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