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How Online Task Management Software Can Solve Project Management Problems?

project management triangle

The title might surprise some of the readers because most of us consider task management and project management as two completely different things. What we fail to realize is that tasks makes up the project. Tasks and subtasks are the atoms, which combines to form elements (projects). This means that the better you manage your tasks; the better will be your chances to complete projects successfully. Here is how online task management software can help project managers get over some of the biggest project management challenges.

  • Communication

Poor or inconsistent communication between your team members can lead to project failure. Although, communicating with team members might not be an issue if you are managing a small team but things can get a lot more difficult as your team grows. You need to establish a two-way communication channel and make sure that all your team members understand what is expected of them. With task management software’s built in communication tools, you can easily weed out the risk of misunderstandings and keep your team on track.

  • Collaboration

Just like any team sport, individual brilliance will not take you to project management success. In order to succeed at project management, collaboration among your team members is critical. Even when you are managing a remote team located thousands of miles away, you want your remote team members to be on same wavelength as your team otherwise, you will struggle to achieve results.

You want all your team members to work cohesively towards achievement of a common goal. There is nothing worse for a project manager than to see team members moving in different directions. Task management software also let you collaborate on projects with their collaboration feature.

  • Managing Deadline

In today’s highly competitive world of project management, juggling multiple projects simultaneously is the new norm. Tight deadline makes the matter worse for project teams. In such a situation, you need a task management tool that let you track time spent on each activity and control the pace of projects in order to complete them successfully. Schedule activities; assign tasks, set milestones and track progress towards those milestones with task management system to make sure that you do not miss the project deadlines. Creating a project schedule and sticking to it have never been that easy that it is now, thanks to deadline management features of task management software.

  • Costs

Ever changing client requirement, request for additional features and poor financial management can all lead to projects exceeding budgets. Securing a budget and then completing projects inside that budget is a daunting challenge for project managers. Thankfully, task management software also let your track where each dollar is being spent so that you can cut down on extra expenses to complete projects within the specified budget. Make sure that you spending your project budget on activities that add value to your projects and stop spending on activities that does not deliver any value.

  • Scope Creep

Closely associated with last two points, Scope creep is a major challenge for project managers to overcome. As clients need changes, they want to make changes in the projects, which results in project scope blowing out of proportion. Scope creep has a direct impact on project costs and time. This forms a trio of critical project factors known as project management triangle. The best way to prevent project scope from growing out of proportion is to get the project requirements document signed well in advance. With efficient document management features built in to task management software, your project scope will always remain under your control.

  • Lack of Stakeholder Involvement

Whether it is top management of your own company, clients or any other project stakeholder, lack of stakeholder interest is a common issue for project managers. With efficient communication and collaboration features at your disposal, keeping all the stakeholders in the loop about project progress will not be an issue. Conduct frequent and result oriented meetings with stakeholders and show them what you have achieved and how can it benefit them in order to develop their interest towards the projects. When they are convinced, they will automatically start to get more involved with your projects, which will make the rest of the project journey a whole lot easier for you.

  • Accountability

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.”—Stephen Covey

One of the most important part of project management is risk management. Whether it is risk avoidance, risk mitigation or risk transfer, it will only be possible if you have a strong check in place. That is where task management software tracking features comes into play. With real time monitoring in place, you can easily see your project progress and take action accordingly to avoid any project disaster.

More importantly, you can also see which of your team members is performing well and which of them are not. Depending on the performance, you can either reward them or warn them. This makes the whole accountability much more transparent and ensures that right people get the rewards. On the employee front, they know that all their activities are under the scanner so they are always on their toes.


After reading this article, you might have realized that you don’t need an expensive project management software to overcome biggest project management challenges. Even task management software with the right feature set can do the job for you. All you need to know how to use it effectively to complete projects successfully. Task management software comes preloaded with powerful communication, collaboration, time tracking, cost management and progress tracking tool that are enough to complete projects successfully. Which project management or task management software do you use to resolve all the project management problems? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below

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