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Myths along with realities associated with En Caul birth

Caul birth

In the last few years a video captured the imagination of most of us. It was stated to be an En caul birth of a baby. So what do you understand about this type of birth. In reality, it is considered to be a situation where the amniotic sac is a bag full of fluid. It is inside the womb of the mother, where you will find the unborn baby growing and developing. In a way it is also termed as the membranes as the sac is normally incorporated of a couple of them. They are known as chorion and amnion. In fact the sac is being filled with a clean and pale liquid where you can find the unborn baby bloating and moving around at the same time.

During the process of birth, the amniotic sac breaks on its own, and in medical terms it goes by the name of mother’s water breaking. What is worth mentioning is that in this form of birth the baby is born inside intact membranes. You can find a lot of information along with videos which are typically part of numerous social networking sites.

Sometimes a baby born by this type of birth happens to have a caul being attached to the face or head. In fact the word Caul has it origin from the Latin word which would mean the head helmet. Babies who are born with this type are known as someone who is born with a shirt. The harmless piece of membrane is being removed by the doctor. The remaining portion of the peel is peeled or normally rubbed with a sheet of paper. It is then peeled from the skin as well. This form of birth is pretty much on the rarer side and one out of 80,000 babies is born by this type. In most cases it tends to occur in premature babies and C section happens to be the only option. When it does occur numerous myths are surrounded with it.

The various myths involved with a Caul birth

According to European mythologies, the babies who are born with an En Caul are not capable of drowning. For someone who is born with a caul is referred to as Caul bearers, it is said to ward off the drowning situation. Because of this precise reason it became a favourite with the sailors.

In the medieval age, for someone who was born with a caul was considered to be good luck. It does indicate that the child was destined for greater thinks in life. Once the child was born, saving the caul was considered to be an important ritual. The midwife would go on to rub a piece of paper across the face or the head of the baby and then the material would be pressed on to the Caul. It would be then handed over to the mother.

Some of the eminent personalities who had this type of birth are Lord Bryon and Napoleon.

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