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Manali Tourism: Exploring the Great Himalayan National Park

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Holding an enormous repository of biological diversity,the Himalayas are one of the most fragile mountain regions of the world. The unique ecological aspects of the Western Himalayas have given birth to the Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).

Located in the Seraj Forest Division of Kullu district of the picturesque state of Himachal Pradesh, GHNP is a perfect hideout for nature and wildlife lovers as well as photography enthusiasts. Located 60 km south-west of Kullu Town, the Great Himalayan National Park was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also known as Jawahar Lal Nehru National Park, the park provides an adventurous spot for trekking. The park is one of the major attractions of the Manali tour packages.

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The Geography

Spread over an area of 754 sq. km., the Great Himalayan National Park is one of the newest additions to the list of national parks of India. Situated at an altitude of 1500 to 6000 meters, the park was built in the year 1984. The major highlight of this park is its exquisite location and scenic surroundings. Musk Deer, Goral, Himalayan Brown Bear, Thar, Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, Serow, Bharal, Monal, Koklas, Kalij, Tragopan, Cheer, Monal, Snow Cock etc. are some of the important wildlife species in GHNP.

Explore the Bio-diversity

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Due to its undisturbed habitat and wide altitude range, the park also supports a great diversity of plant species. The park boasts a diverse mix of moist deodar forest, oak forest, western mixed coniferous forest, Himalayan alpine pastures, moist temperate deciduous forest and Rhododendron scrub forest. From the lush pines and spruces, spreading horse chestnuts of the lower valleys to the alpine herbs and junipers, GHNP boasts a wide range of vegetation. There are some areas that have been modified by grazing. These are the areas where alpine meadows can be seen.

How to Reach GHNP?

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The nearest airport to the park is Kullu’s Bhuntar Airport, which is located at a distance of 60 km. Joginder Nagar near Mandi is the nearest railway station. The road journey offers some great views of Gobindsagar Lake near Bilaspur, followed by the lush and wide Bahl Valley. The drive continues through Mandi leading to the Pandoh Gorge. After reaching Pandoh, the small town of Aut leads to an access to a link road. This road goes across the bridge over the river Beas into the Banjar Valley, where the GHNP is located.

If you are a wildlife lover and a photography enthusiast, try looking for those Manali tour packages that offer a day trip to the Great Himalayan National Park.

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