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Make You Gym Injury Free by Installing Padded Walls!

wall safety padding

Lots of people spend lots of time in the gym, and it is very important to keep the area free from the injuries. There are so many things such as water, mud, loose mats which can cause slips and slide or sometimes any serious injury. School gyms have the most risk. So, one can’t put the students or visitors at risk. It is very important to keep the gym and area well cleaned and properly maintained. Safety should be the first priority and one such priority is wall safety padding. In most cases, injuries occur by collision with the walls. Indoor wall padding or gym walls pads are the two best ways to increase the protection in the gym.

Maintaining a good and safer gym is not so easy. It needs some great steps and investment, but here are some tips that can make the gym a safer place without spending a lot.

Falling is a very common thing in almost all the sports. The danger of falling on waxy, slick floor is very real. Thus, it is always advised to place doormats at each and every exit and entrance of the gym. Rubber backed runners are also a good option and importantly cleaning should be done regularly.

Covering is always recommended when not in use. It is advised for almost everything as covering will surely protect the floor from UN-required foot traffic and during pep rallies.

Mopping should be done with a dry mop at least twice or thrice a day. This will surely clean-up dirt and grime. One can easily have the good wrestling mats for the gym.

Among all the tips, of course, wall safety padding is the most effective way. It comes in different size and design which can cover the whole wall. Padded walls can completely change the look of the gym as well as people or students will feel more secure while indulging in any type of physical activity. Some of the things or features one must know before transforming the old gym into a completely new one.

Appearance: Safety is important but to give the gym a new look, appearance of padded walls should also be seen. One can customize the walls by printing school or gym names and logos. This can promote the school. One can choose bright colours according to the gym equipment or curtains. Size can also be customized.

Corners and Columns padding: Corners and columns should be paid more attention. These areas are comparatively more hazardous for an athlete or a sportsperson. Sizes and shapes are cut according to the one’s need. Never compromise on the safety.

Thickness: This is one of the most important factors when choosing a padded wall. Thickness matters for impact resistance. More the thickness more is the safety. It can be bought according to the need.

Type of foam: Foam is filled in these padded walls. There are specific standards called ASTM which should be met by the foam. Installation is not a difficult task.

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