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Make Your Family Vacation at a Tadoba Accommodation a Safe One for Your Kids

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When you have kids with you, traveling may seem like a really tough job. That said, just a little advance planning will ensure you have a smooth, enjoyable trip with your loved ones. All you need to do is understand these simple steps and you’ll be all set.

Safety Comes First

There’s no doubt that you’ll have to pick a child-friendly resort for your vacation, but it goes a lot deeper than that. Basic safety measures are essential, like outlet covers which let you baby-proof electrical sockets and ensure your young one doesn’t get a nasty shock when exploring a new hotel room. Older kids need to be instructed to follow basic rules like not talking to or opening doors for strangers, wandering off alone, or leaving doors open. You should be with them at all times or ensure they are being supervised by a responsible adult. Definitely don’t leave their side around recreational areas, restaurants, pools etc.

Seek Help, Get Free Stuff!

Hospitality is a big deal, and it demands that you take care of your guests. All hotels, including Tadoba hotels, take this very seriously because it doesn’t cost a lot and creates a lasting impression. It is always a good idea to ask the reception whether they have something to keep your kids busy. This ranges from books and video games to simple things like toys or coloring books. Some of these are free, while others might come at a nominal fee. Every hotel has basic infant-care articles like booster seats, diapers, and bottle warmers- all you need to do is ask.

Be Very Specific

It is better to be thorough early than to regret it later. If you will require a separate bed, a crib, or any other facilities, you should ask about them at the very outset, when you are booking your room. This saves you and the resort a lot of trouble in the near future. Ask how many kids are allowed in a single room, and try to get a suite or a cottage with a child-friendly layout. Small things like a walk-in closet, a large bathroom, and safety railings on attached balconies go a long way in ensuring a great vacation for your kids.

Plan Meals Beforehand

Every meal is bound to be an adventure when you have kids around. Ordering room service all the time or eating at the hotel’s restaurant can deplete your resources very fast. Instead, locate quick-service family-friendly affordable restaurants near the hotel when booking, and also try to get an attached kitchen so that you can carry fresh fruit and frozen foods that are microwaveable or can be cooked in a jiffy.


You will also need to pack smart. If the hotel has good laundry services or there are local businesses that do that for cheaper, you’re all set- pack fewer clothes. Instead of lugging around your detergents in Ziplocs that cause distress at airports, go for small sachets or packets. These, along with some basic foresight will go a long way in making your well-deserved vacation a well-executed and tremendously enjoyable one.

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