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Do you know Silica Gel Packets aren’t only for Disposing Of

Silica Gel Packets

Have you ever come across silica gel packets in your shoe box or a medicine jar? What would you do with them? You might have seen statement written on it “These packets are not to swallow” Many of you use to dispose of them because they thought they are useless but here in this blog I am going to let you know that you don’t need to trash them, now onwards just keep them for following uses. Let me answer common question of yours which is why do we need them? Well, silica packets are placed to absorb excessive moisture. Check it out following astonishing uses that will definitely startle you.

Cell phone protection from water damage

You will lose your cell phone by dropping off in water, and there is no other remedy will work on it. Do you know silica gel will protect your cell phone? Yes, various searches have been found out that these packets turn out as a miracle for controlling moisture for many things. All you have to do is to dry your cell phone and after removing sim card place the cell phone in silica packets that have been stored for some time. It will start working if you do this trick right after the accident otherwise delay of few days have already ruined your phone so no other remedy will work for this. These days technical ceramics market has made us speechless by these beautiful ceramic or silicon products.

Photobook protection

This one is yet interesting if you love to collect your picture frames and pictures in photograph album then you would see scrapbooks will be moisture because of changing weather condition or might be someone will spill water on the photo book. So just place the silica gel packet in the middle of two side pages, it will absorb whole moisture, and the issues will resolve to some extent.

Document protection

Important documents like your educational certificates, identity cards and many more records are kept in files or somewhere in the cabinet. You may have seen the original font of these files will get fade and moist leaves the marks on it. In such situation silica gel packet will work, you just have to add few packets to the place where those documents are preserved then see the wonder. Fused silica transmission has excellently diffused the silica and make this more valuable in various formats just to make this useable for us.

Protection of basement container

We use various unused stuff in the garages to avoid cluttering. If you want to prevent moisture there, then all you need to do is to place the silica gel packets inside the container where you don’t want moisture. It will protect the things for a long time and absorb the moisture.

Protection of decorative ornaments

Some of the seasonal stuff which we take out only on festive occasions or whenever the party is organized. To preserve those things silica gel is one of the best ideas. It could be decorative party ornaments of Christmas stuff that are used only once in a year. Majority people get worried every year because they have to pay extra for buying decorative embellishments which will be costly as well but now with the usage of silica gel packets they can protect this for a long time.

Minimize the musty odour

You might have seen various things in which musty smell is prevalent especially in book section where all the books have placed. To minimize that musty smell just use the silica gel, later you will feel the smell has gone with just this minor thing. If you put all these packets in the bathroom then you will get rid of that small there as well.

Protect the garden seeds

Majority people store garden seeds as well and if you want to save them for a long time then use silica gel packets inside the seeds containers to avoid mould issues. Garden seeds can be protected for several months, and now you don’t need to be worried about such type of issues. If flowers have been grown in the plastic container then use enough silica gel there as well to keep the flowers in good shape

These are the main application of these silica gel packets that are useful and beyond your imagination before reading this. Now onwards don’t throw away these miracle packets, keep them in a can and if you encounter any of the above problems than this one would turn out great.

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