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Know-how of Australian Permanent Residency (PR) Visa

permanent residency Australia

Australian permanent resident is the title provided to a non-citizen, in Australia, who has a permanent visa and a valid authority for traveling from the said country. A permanent resident can stay, work and apply in academics as well without any prohibition from Australian Government.

For having a permanent residency Australia, the citizens must own few basic rights and entitlements. However, differences are there:-

  1. Any citizen has an immediate right to make an entry in Australia. But a permanent resident needs to have permission to travel internationally. They must have an assurance that they are carrying a valid visa with a valid travel authority if they again go back to Australia as a permanent resident.
  2. A citizen has a right to vote for in Australian Government election. But most of the time, a permanent resident cannot take a part in voting. An exception is there. Prior to 1984, the permanent residents who have got the authority will remain eligible for voting.

Australia is flourishing with work and business prospects in different streams and professions. Such as aquaculture, farming, mining, service, tourism, viticulture, horticultural, IT industries and others as well as the hospital and healthcare services.

This country has multiple horizons to explore life as well as career. By 2020, this country needs huge immigrants to save the ecological balance from all over the world. In spite of necessities, this country is ready to welcome immigrants to make them permanent resident as a part of their country people. Their purpose to bring immigrants is not at all limited to their economic policy.

The permanent residents, who get the opportunities for having a job under Australian Government, have the following benefits:-

  • Social security
  • National health insurance scheme (Medicare)
  • Free education
  • Higher education loan program
  • Voting right
  • Citizenship conferral
  • Migration sponsorship

Australia is one of the best countries to apply for permanent resident (PR) visa. The selected candidates get this PR visa under different categories as designed. Australian Government follows the point-based immigration system. A candidate gets selected based on his total scores that achieved from the selection process. Age, language, work proficiency, education etc are the various criteria for selecting a candidate to offer permanent resident visa Australia.

An Australian permanent resident gets various rights and privileges based on the point-based immigration service. Key benefits are following:-

  • A PR visa holder can stay and work without any restriction for an indefinite period.
  • The permanent residents can leave and enter as per their necessities frequently within the time limit of five years. After this time period, things are renewable.
  • After having few years of permanent residency, a person can apply for citizenship.
  • A permanent resident can bring and sponsor relatives in Australia. But the relatives should fulfill the criteria of residency and support requirement.
  • A child of a permanent resident gets Australian citizenship by birth.

For being selected as a permanent resident visa holder, a candidate requires to choose the right visa category. The most common PR visa categories are Subclass 189 (Non-sponsored visa), Subclass 190 (State-nominated visa) etc.

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