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Karva Chauth – A Festival for Creating Stronger Bonding

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Karva Chauth is an auspicious festival observed by the married women. In this festival, women seek blessings from God for their husbands’ long life, well-being, wealth, and prosperity. This special occasion is observed during the fourth day of the month of October and that generally falls before Diwali.

Karva Chauth is celebrated on a grand scale and in this day, the married women observe fast without eating food and drinking water. With the passing time, husbands have involved them in this festival by observing fast for their wives. This holy occasion displays true love and bond between husband and wife. On this particular day, women like to pamper themselves by wearing the bridal outfit with various jewellery and ornaments.

As per the belief, through this festival, husband and wife get closer together and celebrate their sacred bonding. The Karva Chauth morning starts with taking Sargi that is the only food that the wife can take through the whole day. This helps her to spend the day long without food.  This particular meal is consumed in the early morning. The fast observers break their fast during the evening after performing a puja and following that, the women are free to eat. Karva Chauth is associated with lots of traditional rituals and customs. Therefore, the husbands should give their wife some special gift, so that she can be cherished this memory for the lifelong time. For choosing some special and adorable gift, karva chauth gifts jaipur will help you.

If you want to make this Karva Chauth special for your lady, then the following tips will help you out:

  • Arrange a Lavish Sargi for her: Sargi is the only meal that your wife is going to take for the whole day of this occasion. Therefore, do you not think this meal should be prepared incredibly special for her? If you can cook, then prepare the dishes for her or else take help from a friend or other cooks and in the gala day; give her a wonderful surprise. Your bond will be stronger in this way.
  • Take Responsibility of Cooking for Other Family Members: If your wife is fasting, then it does not mean other aged family members have to fast all day long. So, instead of leaving this responsibility to your wife, take this responsibility to your shoulder. If you are a layman cook, then hire a cook for that day. However, try to avoid those foods, which she like the most.
  • Surprise Karva Chauth Party: Make this Karva Chauth one of the most memorable day for your wife. You can organize a surprise and mesmerizing Karva Chauth party by inviting all of her friends to your place. You can call them to have a dinner as well after performing the puja and breaking of the fast. You can invite your closest friends with their wives so that the long day can be passed in a blink of an eye with gossiping and having enjoyment. Do not forget to decorate your house with a special Karva Chauth theme.

Wives can also give a surprise to their husbands with karwa chauth gifts for husband in jaipur.

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