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How to Incorporate a Company in Hong Kong?

company incorporation Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an appealing city with strong growth prospects, has always been an ideal financial hub for investment. Setting up a company in Hong Kong can enjoy the excellent strategic location to Asia and Mainland to the Chinese markets, effective tax rate to investors, brilliant professionals to develop. Having a stable economy, world-class infrastructure, tax-free nation, business-friendly environment, and that is the reason why it is easy to form a business in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government always welcomes foreign business investors or entrepreneur to start their business here and makes more profit. Hong Kong offers the best facilities which attract the various numbers of entrepreneurs to establish their business here.

Why Hong Kong?

  1. Ease of establishing and doing business in Hong Kong
  2. Good strategic Location
  3. Effective taxation policy for both local and foreign investors
  4. Well-developed economy
  5. The freest economy in the world
  6. World-class infrastructure

You have to appoint the three members of the company which is necessary to set up a business which is:-

  • Minimum one director of any nationality and must be over the age of 18 years.
  • One shareholder of any nationality and must be above 18 years of age.
  • There must be one company secretary is needed of Hong Kong nationality and know how to handle the related works.

The foreign investors can open two types of company in Hong Kong which are

  • New company in Hong Kong
  • Ready-made company in Hong Kong

In the new company, you have to open a new company and can choose the company name as per your requirements whereas, in a ready-made company, you have to purchase the already set up company.


  • Identity Document/ Certificate of Incorporation of all members/ directors/ secretaries (e.g. HKID/ Passport)
  • Residential Address Proof of all members/ directors/ secretaries (e.g. utility bills, bank statements issued within 60 days, etc.)
  • Proposed Company Name:-
  1. The name must be either in English or Chinese language, or both English or Chinese.
  2. The company name must be ended with the word “Limited”.
  3. Company name must be unique because two company name cannot similar and must be approved by the Companies Registry
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Incorporation form

The Majority of foreign business investors choose is the private company limited by shares.

The procedure for company incorporation Hong Kong includes firstly choose the best company name which is unique and meets all the requirements of the company. The company name must be approved by the registrar of companies. You can check the company name availability by using the “Online company name search” in the Companies Registry. The company name may be in English or in Chinese or both English & Chinese.A name in English must have the ending “Limited”. After approval of the name, the company has to file its articles, the memorandum and other related documents.

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