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Growing Importance of a chief human resources officer

With organizations working on such a large scale these days require countless employees to keep their business going. And hiring more people means that the company would have a broader set of responsibilities towards them. So, in order to manage the human capital, run several HR technology systems and maintain the revenue per employee of organizations, there is a growing demand for professionals who could do so. And such professionals are referred to as the Chief Human Resources Offer.

The ways of doing business are changing in a massively lately. With the adoption of the latest HR software & elevated government compliance requirements, the need for following HR procedures has become a mandate in many companies, non – profit organizations along with government agencies.

As a result, companies have begun to provide their HR leaders with a position that is at the same level as the C-suite. Though in most organizations they are given the title of a Chief Human Resources Officer, in some companies, they are also called Chief People Officer or vice president of human resources.

The Responsibilities of a Chief Human Resources Officer

The primary role of a Chief Human Resources Officer in any organization is to create a potent talent strategy that is surrounded by recruitment, employment, development & retention of the employees. The procedure that CHROs are supposed to carry put includes critical HR disciplines:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management
  • Employee Training (By utilizing learning management systems)
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee perks together with employee engagement
  • Employee recognition along with wellness programs

In larger organizations, CHROs are required to work on talent management software. And also oversee insurance & retirement plans by taking assistance from benefits suite along with software systems.

Career Route for Chief Human Resources Officers

If we go by what the Harvard Business Review says, there is not really a properly defined career path for CHROs. You are required to evolve into a leader in the roles you gain experience as well as develop the art of judging, recruiting & coaching people.

Moreover, it is not necessary for you to master traditional HR roles for becoming a CHRO. Nowadays, many companies are giving a chance to their millennial staff to gain a few years of work experience before taking on the position of a CHRO. This shows that the career path for aspiring CHROs is much shorter than expected which is a fortunate news for them.

Necessary skills in a CHRO

An expertise in human resources is definitely a skill needed in a CHRO, however, it is not the only thing that can make you eligible for the post of a Chief Learning Officer. Managing teams, budgets as well as a decent understanding of business analysis are the basic requirements for a professional wanting to be a CHRO.

Apart from this, there are a few other areas CHROs are supposed to be well-versed with such as:

  • Educated in ethical business practices
  • Skilled in relationship management, leadership, global & cultural recognition, and communication.
  • Driven by data & analytics

A successful Chief Human Resources Officer is someone who is a good business leader, helpful towards the workforce & performance oriented.

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