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How to Get the Best out of Instagram for Your Marketing Campaign


Social media networks have become an integral part of modern business marketing. Among the most popular social media platforms, today is Instagram and this has now metamorphosed into a powerful business tool. When Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched this photo and video sharing app in 2001, they never knew that it would become so influential in business within a short 7 years. If you are not yet leveraging Instagram for your marketing campaigns, you are losing out big time.

The Power of Instagram

Today, Instagram boasts over 700 million monthly active users (MAUs). Since 2010, 40 billion photos have been uploaded for an average of 85 million photos and videos being uploaded daily. This is, without doubt, a good platform to give your business the much-needed visibility.

There are many reasons why your business should invest in Instagram and these include increasing brand awareness, increasing engagement, building your brand’s personality, gaining a competitive edge in your niche, increasing traffic to your site, targeted marketing and leveraging the power of visuals. All these help boost your business and grow organic traffic to your website. Whatever your niche market, Instagram comes in handy to boost your business.

How to Leverage Instagram for Business

While Instagram offers an array of advantages, you have to work for it. It all starts with growing your Instagram followersIf your account is new, this is the toughest stage. If you don’t have followers, there will be no one to share your content with however good it is. More importantly, new followers are attracted to an account which already has a significant number of followers.

Some of the tips you can use to attract followers include:

  1. Creativity aces it – If you know you don’t have creative and entertaining content for Instagram then don’t post it. People come to Instagram to enjoy themselves and you can bet no one wants to follow an account that never inspires. Whatever your business does, make sure you present it creatively to win over viewers.
  2. Tell a story –Instagram Stories is a new feature which allows you to progressively tell a story using photos. To do this effectively, make sure you showcase your brand throughout the photos without being too obvious.
  3. Optimize your profile – One of the biggest mistakes most business owners make is failing to create a winning profile. If you are serious about getting new followers, make sure your profile tells as much as possible about your business. In the bio section, make sure you have a link to a landing page to increase traffic to your website and even convert.
  4. Use hashtags creatively – Hashtags can make or break your Instagram marketing campaign. They can easily expand your reach but then again, overusing them will diminish their effectiveness. 3 to 5 hashtags are enough per post. You must create your own company hashtags while also riding on the more popular ones.

      5. Build up anticipation –One of the best ways to find followers on Instagram is to keep teasing about something            new using posts. Everyone wants to find out what you are coming up with and they will stay in touch with your            account.

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