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Food and Human beings

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Food is the first and a basic requirement for any human being. Without food no one rather nothing in a human body can function. In human, a very much complex set of reaction occurs. This complex set of reaction is called as the metabolism reaction. Metabolism involves two characteristics. They are the anabolism and the catabolism. The sole goal of this metabolism reaction takes just to produce ATP. ATP or the Adenosine Triphosphate is the energy currency in the human body. The human body has an ATP store or the ATP pool which stores ATP as a reagent and uses it whenever the body is in need of it. Each and every organ present in the human body needs ATP to get their functions going in a perfect way. Now anabolism is the set of events that take place for synthesizing different biomolecules. And catabolism is useful in for breaking down those biomolecules so that the body can extract functional bi-products for the synthesis of the ATP. The food after entering the human body enters the metabolic cycle where it gets to interact with different enzymes so that they can be broken down into simpler as well as usable elements with which they can suffice the cause of the metabolic cycle.

Food and travelling

Food is the most important requirement for any person in this universe. Food is required to have sufficed the hunger of a person. And it also helps in the maintaining the body organization. As the byproducts of the foods which are extracted after metabolism happens, it helps in forming the muscles of the body. Thus it gives strength to the body. And if see it from another angle everybody in this world wants to have good food. They want to taste different type of foods as a good food gives a lot of satisfaction to an individual. It is also very much common that peoples travel different parts of the country as well as the world just to taste a different kind of food. So for Indian food holds an emotional space in their heart. Indian people tend to travel a lot. Once they are free from their busy life they get out to wild with their friends and family just to enjoy a vacation so that it refreshes them. And it traveling is also very much rejuvenating. India has the highest if not the largest network of the railways in the world. This network helps them to fulfill their dream. Not everyone in India has the capability to travel through the airways because of the cost and train comes as the savior for that issue.

Connecting huge proportions

The Indian railways connects the huge portion of India. And the cost of the journey with the railways are very much cheap. It can be availed by each and every section of the Indian people having very much minimum economic background too.

Train foods

They can travel on the train rejoicing each and every moment of their trip. They also even serve food. Also, train foods are not up to the mark yet. However, improvements are very much seen for the last few decades.


One of the important thing that every passenger should maintain while traveling is to keep the place clean and safe.

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