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Focus on Quality to Ensure that you Buy Crib Mattresses that are Safe for Infants

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Mattress buying can be exciting especially when you are buying mattresses for kids or putting together your nursery. Safety and comfort are uncompromising agendas because the tiny darlings would spend almost 16 hours a day on the mattresses. The problem that you face is that not all crib mattresses are safe despite the tall label claims and there is lots of misinformation floating around.  You should have a good crib mattress because the quality of mattress affects the comfort level that infants derive from the crib and the mattress provides the proper support for the delicate bones.

The specialty of crib mattresses

Crib mattresses have to be firm and hard with some degree of softness but not just too soft. The quality helps in preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Use a specialized baby crib mattress by keeping in mind the best support in health and safety because the quality needs are so special that you cannot even expect to get it from mattresses used for older children, forget about adults. Even if you are attracted to Memory Foam by going through Memory Foam talk review, you should know that the material is just not suited for crib mattresses.

Why is memory Foam unsuitable?

Although Memory Foam might be the most popular choice for adult mattresses, it would be a bane if used in crib mattresses.  Memory foam mattresses release gases in varying degrees comprising of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that is harmful to infants no matter how less the quantities might be. Since it is mandatory to use fire-retardants in mattresses, gaseous release from mattresses is unavoidable. Since babies spend 70% of their time on mattresses, the exposure could be very dangerous.

The ideal crib mattress

Since foam is the main constituent of mattresses, you have to use certified mattresses that ensure only non- toxic foam is used for making the crib mattress. And not the foam alone, the non-toxic aspect extends to all other materials including the cover of the mattress.  Choose a lightweight mattress and look for a mattress that uses plant-based foam like soybean foam or some other organic foam. Also, the material used for mattress cover should be 100% organic cotton. Make sure that there are no traces of polyethylene, vinyl, PVC and phthalates in any of the components used in the mattress so that there are no smells and gases whatsoever.

Foam or innerspring mattresses – making a choice

To decide between foam crib mattress and innerspring crib mattress, it boils down to individual choice because both types are suitable for infants from the functional aspects. All that you have to consider is how safe it is for infants. However, the lower cost of foam mattresses could be a reason for choosing it over innerspring mattresses when all other things are equal.

Bear in mind that more expensive is not always better because even moderately priced mattresses could be safe and healthy for use as crib mattresses. It depends on how well you evaluate it.

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