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Everything You Need to Know About BOD Incubators

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BOD stands for Biological/Biochemical Oxygen Demand. The BOD incubator is a low temperature incubating device specially designed to maintain a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. This temperature is crucial for a BOD determination. The BOD incubator helps control the temperature and oxygen levels for certain lab tests. BOD test helps to determine how fast the microbes living in the soils, waster water or polluted waters, use up the oxygen present in this water bodies. This helps the scientists and agricultural professionals to maintain that amount of oxygen and temperature levels for these micro organisms so that they don’t end up consuming too much oxygen which can damage the animals, soil insects and eventually the plants themselves. The machine can also determine the degradation or organic as well as inorganic materials in a biochemical way. These days, you can easily purchase the BOD incubator machine from any seed counter manufacturers in India who manufacturers reputed and good quality machines for import as well as export. Since these incubator machines are generally quite expensive, ensure you purchase this machine from a reputed manufacturer only.

BOD incubators are extensively used in agriculture, poultry industries, botany study, sewage and water pollution as well as in research laboratories across the country to store biological specimen such as cells, tissues etc. in controlled temperatures. These are extremely versatile products used across various sectors and not just that, they have a long shelf life as well. They are very low maintenance and extremely energy efficient so you won’t have to worry about high electricity bills.

Inside a BOD Incubator Machine
A BOD incubator machine is made up stainless steel for the exterior and the interior is made of stainless with a coating of heat curd epoxy. Everything from the shelves to the handles are made of stainless steel and the doors have magnetic packing to ensure the temperature is properly controlled within the incubator. PUF insulation is any level of ensuring the safety and durability of this machine. Glass wool is used for maintaining the thermal energy in the BOD incubator. These machines can be easily cleaned as sterilized. BOD incubators come with alarms to alert you if there is an unwanted change in the temperature as well as auto-tuning temperature adjusting functionalities. You can also provide indirect heating to a BOD incubator using an air heater which can be fitted with tools made of superior quality kanthal wire.

A BOD incubator manufacturer in India also produces various other agricultural machines and tools such as seed analyzer machines, moisture meters etc. Seed analyzer manufacturers in India have a tough competition in the market as agriculture is one of the key sectors for food in the country. There are tons of different manufacturers and suppliers that you can pick from but ensure you have done a thorough research on these suppliers so that you purchase the best machine at the best rate. These machines are expensive and an investment for the long run when it comes to your agricultural produce.

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