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How Effective is Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

Are you an individual who is obese or overweight? It is quite possible that you might have tried all methods of losing weight but still the results are nowhere to the seen. For such individuals weight loss surgery may be termed as an ideal option of sorts. Studies do point to the fact that with exercise or diet obese patients will tend to gain back the lost weight within 5 years. In addition to this the long term effects of weight loss surgery in particular reference to Lap Band surgery is termed as remarkable. As a patient you can lose somewhere in the region of 30% to 60 % of your body weight. There are numerous ways of losing weight but nothing stands up to the accuracy of a weight loss surgery

This surgery is deemed to be a success when the patient goes on to shed 50 % of their excess body weight and this weight is kept back from gaining in the next 5 years. Though it has to be said that important lifestyle changes need to be made so that the weight is kept off. This type of procedure is normally performed on patients who have a BMI of more than 35 and there are expected to lose somewhere in the region of 40 to 100 pounds.

The patients are expected to feel much better after a weight loss surgery there are numerous health benefits associated with this surgery as well. It has been observed that a lot of health complications arise when you do go on to put a lot of weight. The success of this surgery could be measured and one of the examples is LAP Band method. In this regard a lot of people who have been part of this surgery would be able to perform activities which were not possible before the surgery. Examples of such activities would be sitting in a chair, lying down to tie your laces or climbing up the stairs.

Though most of the patients who have undertaken this surgery have gone on to experience positive results. It has to be mentioned that a lot of telling factors have a role with regards to the success of the surgery. It would require the patient to make some necessary lifestyle changes and how long they are willing to comply with post-operative treatments.

Weight before the surgery

It is estimated that more the patient has a higher BMI the greater chances of him losing more weight after surgery. You are committed to a normal weight if a routine exercise and diet plan is followed.

Why India

The weight loss doctors in India have carved out a distinct identify for them in the domain of surgery. Their skill sets along with experience have a huge say in this regard and it has to be said that even the practicing doctors in India are of the highest calibre. These surgeons or doctors are linked with the elite class of hospitals in the country.

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