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Some Effective Social Networking Tips that Every Web Designer Must Follow

Social Networking

When a business person starts interacting on the social networking sites, his main intention is to reach his target audience and drive more traffic to his website for boosting his business. He gets involved in active social media marketing not for adding friends or exchanging pictures and stories but to create new business connections.

Once you start actively networking, you would be coming up with new opportunities to reach your potential customers. However, leveraging social media platforms for boosting your business revenues is not an easy task. It could be pretty challenging and would require a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication. Here are a few tips for making the most of the two major social networking platforms such as the Facebook, and Twitter.


Twitter is a really powerful and robust micro-blogging platform.  If you are aware of the way the community works, you would be able to effectively leverage your marketing resources.

Complete Your Twitter Profile

You must start by filling in each and every field both optional and mandatory and do not forget to include your precise website URL. You may consider personalizing your Twitter page for complementing your organization’s branding. You need to be creative and innovative. You must not ignore your Twitter profile as it is your opportunity for boosting your business and take it to the next level.

Build Gradually a Solid Followers Base

Here are some tips for building a robust follower base on Twitter.

  • You must invite people every time you are posting on your blog, to follow you of course, on Twitter.
  • Look for Twitter users who are enjoying a robust follower base that you would be interested in having for yourself. Follow the users and in turn, they would be following you.
  • Examine who all are following your friends. Then follow them.
  • Go through Twellow or other such Twitter directories for locating members who may follow you.
  • Utilize Twitter’s search feature for identifying profiles that may fascinate you. You may make use of the Twitter’s RSS feed for notifying you on each occasion when a tweet comprising a specific keyword is made.


Just like any other social media platform, Facebook would be requiring time, effort, and dedication to mastering the features and understanding the community well. Facebook is all about interacting and connecting with individuals. It is not a platform for directly selling your products or services.

Generate a Stunning Profile Page

You must consider creating a superlative profile page that would attract your business contacts and customers as well. You must provide adequate information on your profile page so that your target audience is attracted to you and they would want to learn more about you. You need to generate interest in your target audience with the help of a killer FB profile page. You must make the most of the novel Timeline features. If you are on Instagram, you could use great visuals for generating real Instagram likes.

Use a Mind-Blowing Cover Photo

You must make use of your creativity and design skills for creating a cover photo that would be promoting and boosting you and also your brand. Be innovative but stick to the guidelines provided by Facebook. Your cover photo is your first picture that others would be seeing so it should be interesting, cool or funky.


Utilize milestones for keeping fans informed about all your recent accomplishments. Use these milestones for telling your story. This seems like a wonderful chance for adding significant design moments in the company. It is quite obvious that social media marketing is time-consuming and needs a lot of effort. You need to go about striking up conversations, sharing information, etc. All these could culminate in you acquiring new connections that would be boosting your business.

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