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An in-depth review of monitoring and tracking application TheOneSpy

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TheOneSpy is an advanced monitoring and tracking software application that allows monitoring all the activities performed on any mobile phone with Android, iOS or Blackberry operating system. There are more than 250 features designed with an aim to assist parents in ensuring their child safety and employers to scrutinize their employees. Advantageously, this spyware not just let you monitor a smartphone but also let you operate and control certain functions from distance. After the successful installation of the software, all the information on the target device is automatically updated on The One Spy user control panel that is accessible by logging into personalized user login.

Features of the monitoring application

Given is the list of core features of the software to let you have a better understanding of this thrilling app.

Spy on Messages

The user can read the messages received and sent from the target device, as well as the complete thread conversation. The contact details of the sender and receiver of the SMS, messages, BBM chat and MMS are also accessible to the user.

Spy on Calls

This spyware let the user listen to live calls and have information including name and number of the person who has made the call or to whom the call is made. All the incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded and even intercepted.

Spy on social media

This is the generation that spends nine hours a day using media accelerating the need for parents to monitor the social media and internet habits of the teens. This parental control application let you spy on most of the popular social media and instant messaging apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, Line, Tinder, Kik, WhatsApp and Skype. You can read the conversation made through these apps and get the profile details of those with whom the conversation is made.

The user can also read those Snapchat messages that automatically get removed after the receiver view them with Snapchat Event feature. As the target starts using Snapchat, this feature starts taking screenshots of the screen with an interval of 3 seconds. These screenshots are stored on the online dashboard and can be accessed whenever needed.

Spy on emails

You can track the emails sent and received through Gmail; read the content of the mails and get the detail of the person who has sent the mail or to whom the mail is delivered. This application also allows the user to log into target’s email address or messenger with the help of keystrokes. As a person uses email on a spied device, the information including the email address, password, and email content is shared with the user.

GPS Location Tracker

This application helps the user locate target phone with GPS location tracker in the spied mobile phone. As well as the current location, you can find out all locations the target has traveled to in a day, a week or more. Also, you can mark safe and restricted areas so you make get notified when the target device reaches any unsafe or prohibited zone.

Camera and Mic bug

This application let you use both front and rear cameras of the target device to capture photos and record surrounding sounds and voices. Also, you can record short videos extending from 15 seconds to 1 minute to know what the target is doing and what is happening around them.

Discover multimedia files

The user can discover the photos, video, music files, voice recordings and all the multimedia files stored on the hard drive of phone whether captured from the target device, downloaded from the internet or received via email or MMS.

View and edit phonebook

You can approach the phonebook of the target and get the information including name and number and email address of the contacts using the user control panel. Also, you are authorized to make addition or deletion from the contact list.

Control device from distance

As well as monitoring the target mobile phone, you can operate it from a distance. For example, you can start, pause or restart application installed on the device; block, unblock, or uninstall the application; lock and unlock the mobile phone; and block the texting, internet connection and incoming calls from unknown sources.

Limitations of the application

  • The biggest limitation of this application is that some of its features work only on a rooted or jailbroken device.
  • It cannot block any website or limit the amount of time spend using internet or certain site.
  • This application is not compatible with the latest iOS 9 and 10.


There are scores of mobile phone app to monitor Android, iPhone and mobile phones supporting other operating systems, but we have found this application one of the finest and reliable. It works with complete confidentiality without leaving any clue for the person being monitored.

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