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Cost Aspect Associated with Heart Surgery?

Heart Surgery

With each passing day the number of cardiac diseases is on the rise. This could be solved with varied surgical or non surgical methods.  In certain cases the doctor may ask you to be part of an open heart surgery where the doctor is going to cut the chest area where an accessibility of the heart is being provided. This does help to solve a lot of atrial issues along with a host of other issues found in the artery. In recent times India has progressed a lot in terms of health surgeries and  cardiac surgeries tend to top the list. Heart surgery cost in India works out to be the lowest when you compare it to the advanced countries of the world. Now let us get to the basic facts about an open heart surgery below

Procedure of open heart surgery

Before you get to the details in terms of the cost of an open heart surgery is all about, you would need to figure out what the surgery is all about in the first place. A patient who opts for this surgery is provided anaesthesia first, and this means that a patient is provided with a pain free experience once they sleep. You would come across the fact that the surgeons would be making around 8 to 10 incisions where the surgeon is going to incorporate a couple of cuts above the breast bone. This is undertaken so that the heart is being exposed.

Once the heart is visible it is being connected to the heart lung bypass machine that does help the blood to move around in the body. A host of advanced procedures are performed with the help of this machine. The surgeon then goes on to use a healthy vein or artery so that a new path is being created over the blocked  artery. Then the surgeon goes on to close the breastbone with the help of a wire that is left inside the body. Then the original cut is being stitched . In this manner affordable open heart surgery is being carried out.

The cost associated with an open heart surgery

As far as open heart surgery is concerned, the cost works out to be lowest in Asia and India goes on to top the list. If you go on to compare the cost you tend to save around 70 to 80 % of cost that is pretty huge. When you go on to add the travel expenses this tends to add up to a considerable amount as well. Say if the cost of an open heart surgery in India is Rs 1000, the same cost may be around 90,000 dollars in the US.

In terms of cardiac care India has gone on to create a niche in the last few years. When you compare it to the developed countries in the world, India is at par. Some of the best hosptials along with surgeons are found in this part of the world.

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