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The common symptom of pregnancy

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Yes, respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy would provide relief. But if you compare the most common symptom of pregnancy it has to morning sickness. Most women tend to experience it 2 weeks before the moment conception occurs. At this point in time, a woman can feel ill at any point in time. Though an empty stomach is one of the most common reasons for why it is known to appear.

Having said so not each and every woman can experience the symptoms of morning sickness. This most would agree as nausea would make you a lot dreadful. It does keep the food along with the liquid content of your body down. This tends to have an impact on women who are suffering from travel sickness. Though the exact cause of it is not known, to a large extends the hormone levels that arise during pregnancy could be the prime reason for it. This could have an impact on the way your stomach works along with the digestive system. You do see higher levels of acid in your stomach as well.  A step by step baby growth during pregnancy video will throw more light on things.

It could also be possible that women do feel an increase in the levels of smell and taste when they do become pregnant. This could contribute to the feeling of nausea with the possibility of bad odor all around the place. Your feeling of stress and fatigue has a role to play here as well. The reason being most women do feel stressed out during the course of pregnancy. This is a symptom which could occur full range during the course of your pregnancy. The silver lining is that most women feel that by around 14 weeks it tends to disappear. It would be when the hormone levels do stabilize in your body.

If you carefully analyze there are a dozen causes why nausea is known to take place. The best part is that each and every woman has an opinion on the subject as well. You need to take note of the fact that the body of each woman is different. So what might work for one woman will not be the case with another woman? In fact, there are some important tips by which you can prevent morning sickness

As already harped upon the point, an empty stomach is the main cause why morning sickness tends to arise. Have some biscuits handy at the middle of the night. Do keep hungry away on all counts. Chew in a piece of ginger or ginger tea would be a great option as well. Coupled with the fact that any remedies for travel sickness would also help. In this regard, magnetic wristbands would be of help. But a point to consider here would be never consuming any medicines till you seek the expert opinion of your doctor.

To conclude morning sickness is a natural phenomenon and your baby will not have any impact.

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