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VoIP Providers- Helping Businesses in a Big Way

VoIP providers

In this fast running world, we all are attached to smartphones deeply with plenty of reasons and for them, you may not want to rely on a mobile number alone. Their coverage, dead spots, and dropped calls are still a regular occurrence in smartphone services. In spite of this, if

Tips to avoid Cyber threats and Vulnerabilities

QualiTest Group

Cyber security is a big concern for everyone who are using internet or connected devices in their lifestyle. According to the department of homeland security, cyber security in general is the Internet safety that includes protection of anything connected to the Internet. Undoubtedly, internet has changed the way we do business,

How the Cloud Is Changing Management Worldwide


For a company to continually operate in the market, its many processes need to be performed correctly, without any failures that result in wasted time and financial resources. Today, this is one of the main concerns of managers, especially those who coordinate industries that have uninterrupted production areas, such as

How to Easily Rotate a Video using GOM Player

GOM Player

GOM Player is a free Windows Media Player that lets you play almost all audio and video formats in a hassle-free manner. Wrapped in a simple interface, the application has an inbuilt support for all media codecs. And in case it’s unable to support a type of format, its Codec

Failsafe Ways to Give Your Windows 7 a Speed Boost

Windows 7

Introducing Windows 7 was surely an excellent move by Microsoft which is praised till date. However, owing to the plenty of programs and apps installed, this popular Windows version can slow down over time. If your PC has got too old to deliver the performance you fancy, you might be

3 Essential Privacy Settings for Your Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo is a splendid smart speaker that enables you to use simple voice commands to perform your chores such as play favorite songs, get the news and weather updates, and control smart home devices, among others. In fact, for some folks, its virtual assistant, i.e. Alexa has become synonymous