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Canada Skilled Immigration Points calculator

Points calculator for Canada immigration

Canada is one of the top ten countries in the world that people choose to immigrate to. This is mostly because of the wide range of advantages people from the developing countries get when they move to a developed one. Employment opportunities are numerous with the greater pay scale. Living conditions are good with low inflation rates and crime rates. Education and health are prioritized by the government and immigration policies are quite encouraging. All these make Canada a safe and secure place to earn a livelihood and rear a family in peace and prosperity. Thu, if you have the necessary skills and are looking forward to moving to Canada as a worker, don’t forget to check your eligibility in the Canada Skilled Immigration Points calculator.

  • Different categories of working visa/permit Canada
  1. Temporary Workers Program
  2. Permanent Workers Program
  • Getting the work permit Visa

For a work permit to qualify, the point system is not needed much. Workers from all over the world go to Canada to work on a temporary basis. The applicants temporarily working there should have a LIMA from the HRSDC(Human resources and skills) or an offer letter from a Canadian Employer and also an employment contract.

  • Benefits of The work permit visa

The benefit of the visa is that one can stay in the country for four years along with their family members who are allowed to study and work with them. After having the work permit, one can easily apply for the PR.

  • Requirements for applying for the skilled workers permit
    1. Shouldn’thave any serious medical conditions.
    2. Should not have any criminal records.
    3. Must have a contract with a Canadian Employer
    4. A LIMA from the HRSDC
    5. Should obey Canadian rules and laws.
    6. Needs to show that is financially stable to hold oneself and family.
    7. Shouldn’t be a threat to Canadian Security.
  • International Skilled Worker Category

This category is for those skilled and experienced workers from all over the world who plan on living and working in Saskatchewan. It carefully selects the workers with the appropriate skills and qualifications, language proficiency and talent to work in the neighborhood of Saskatchewan. It is again of three categories:-

  • International Skilled Worker
  1. International Skilled Worker-Saskatchewan Express entry
  2. International Skilled Worker- Employment Offer
  3. International Skilled Worker- Occupations In Demand
  • Entrepreneur and farm Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category

Thus, one can refer to this Points calculator for Canada immigration to know their eligibility for any visa program.

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