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The Best Countries to Sail In


Sailing is a magical feeling. The cool breeze that fills your little boat with life is just incredible. You are carried by a force you cannot see but just feel it in the tension of the sheets. This is one of the greatest joys of travel. Here is a highlight of some of the best countries to sail in.

 1. France.
The French Riviera in France is not just for celebrities and film festivals, this is one of the best spots in the world to go for a sail. It has miles of a clean and amazing coastline packed with beautiful beaches, inlets, rocks, and towns; it is hard to leave this place once you set foot. You can hire a sailboat in one of the many charter companies that are in every port and explore Napoleon Bonaparte’s birthplace in Ajaccio, the old Genoese capital in Bastia and even the breathtaking citadel Bonifacio.
Apart from the Riviera, France has glamorous sailing resorts in Monaco and Nice, which can cater for both the peaceful and challenging sailors.
2. Greece.
The gentle morning breeze and strong afternoon winds, the idyllic climate, and the open water passages are just enough reason to sail Greece. This country just has the best sailing waters. You can charter a yacht and explore the beautiful Greek islands and when you get tired, you can swim and snorkel in secluded anchorages. The islands also offer delicious seafood that you can enjoy after a long day of sailing. This is no doubt one of the most enduring sailing destinations, it just has something for everyone. Some of the best islands to sail around include the Athens zea, Lefkas, and Corfu.
3. Croatia.
Croatia has been recently named the leading Mediterranean yacht charter holiday destination. It has an incredible coastline with clear seas, a gentle summer climate, and a live breeze to move you from bay to bay. The long coastline is sheltered by chains of almost 2000 islands which offer a safe anchorage and harbor during sailing. You can start your sailing trip from either Pula on the Istrian coast, Zadar or Split in the middle of the Dalmatian coast or Dubvronic city in southern Croatia. As you sail through the routes, you will encounter hidden bays, emerald coves, beaches and cliffs which offer fantastic diving opportunities.
 4. Fiji.
Located in the South West Pacific, Fiji is one of the World’s unique countrues with over 300 islands distributed over the large ocean area. The islands are surrounded by an abundance of sea life, beautiful lagoons, crystal clear waters and spectacular reefs, a combination that you cannot get from other sailing destinations. The remoteness of this country makes sailing unlike anything else in this world. The scenary encountered as one is sailing through is just breathtaking. You do not have to worry about the language as English is widely spoken and the people are very welcoming.
 5. Thailand.
Thailand definitely had to make the list of the best sailing destinations. The bright blue sea, towering palm trees, mountain ranges and the sandy beaches make this place unforgettable. This is one of the most peaceful places in the world to sail. The islands around share the same tranquil waters but different landscapes. This is a very good place for amateur sailors. There is also plenty of diving and snorkeling throughout the day.

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