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How to assess MS Excel skills of an employee?

Microsoft Excel skills assessment

Most of the MS excel tests help hiring managers to recruit skilled persons based on work experience rather than theoretical knowledge. Ms excel tests are generally designed to check the application and functional skills based on Industry standards.

The Microsoft Excel skills assessment basically covers the following topics:

  • Excel formatting
  • Working with formulae and functions
  • Tables and charts
  • Managing data

 The basic level of test covers the above topics. The tests may contain multiple choice questions and multiple answer questions. These are generally created and validated by subject matter experts or SMEs. These tests enable employers to evaluate working skills and job readiness and thus hiring dynamic excel experts. The combination of theoretical questions and assessment of application skills enables the recruiter to hire the right person.

The tests to assess candidates with a potential above the basic level will be different. These tests help to examine the ability of the candidate to use short cuts; most used functions and formulae, charts, pivot tables, statistical operations and macros. The tests vary in difficulty level to assess the potential of the candidate and cover the following topics.

  • Using functions and formulae to analyse the data
  • Ability to turn the raw data into decision points using pivot tables and power pivots
  • Support the decision making by performing what-if, sensitivity and statistical analysis
  • Automation of spreadsheets using macros and advanced functions

Modern business uses excel as a powerful tool to handle the data extensively. Data holds many purposes if organised properly and helps to track the trends if analysed with a vision. This type of tests ist for recruiting candidates for the following job profiles. These tests are conducted to assess software expertise and application oriented mind-set of the candidate.

  • Personal and executive secretaries
  • Administrative or executive assistants
  • Human resource assistants or office managers
  • Sales, marketing and office executives

MS excel is useful for data entry and handling large amounts of data. Most of the managers prefer to conduct excel skills assessment before the interview to hire data analyst or excel analyst.The following topics are covered to assess the expertise of MS excel analyst:

  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • Graphical data
  • Number series
  • Work sheets and charts
  • Operators, function and formulae

Business Analyst Excel skills Test is helpful to the recruiters and hiring managers to validate the proficiency of candidates in Microsoft Excel before an interview. Microsoft Excel is the World’s most widely used and versatile business analysis, reporting and strategy software. Having a deep practical knowledge of Excel will turn the candidate almost superhuman at work and increase the productivity of the industry. A Business Analyst is someone who analyses a business domain and documents its business or processes or systems, by assessing the business model or its integration with technology. Excel test for business analyst is designed & developed to check the skills of Business Analyst – as per Industry Standards by covering basic functions and formula of MS excel in addition to business cases and stakeholder processes, worksheets and charts.

Most of the companies need MS EXCEL professionals of basic, intermediate and advanced levels to handle, analyse and organised the data. The questions and topics vary in difficulty level and based on job profiles and needs of the firms. Some excel analyst profiles may need to perform statistical analysis.  SAS, Mintab, SPSS, Stata and Systab are some of the statistical packages recommended to assess statistical skills of a candidate.Excel is convenient tool for data entry, and for quick manipulation of rows and columns prior to statistical analysis.

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