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Aged Care Courses Australia: Scope of Certified Age Courses in Australia

Aged Care Courses

Career selection in Australia as an elderly care professional is indeed a rewarding employment path. There is an immense opportunity in this area and the demand for aged care workers will increase rapidly in the next 40 years.

This is due to the fact that Australia’s population is growing rapidly. Apart from this, the increase in the rate of dementia is another factor which will further increase the demand for aged care workers. The decline in the availability of informal carers will also increase this area.

The number of job opportunities for disabled and aged care is expected to increase rapidly over the next few years. This will inspire people who choose employment and other career options. Aged care is an essential component of the Australian health care system, in its recent report, the Productivity Commission made the following two comments:

  • The number of Australian people aged 85 and above can increase from 0.4 million in 2010 to 2050 by 1.8 million (or 5.1% of the population).
  • By 2050, it is expected that more than 3.5 million new Australian aged care services will be reached.

Aged and disabled care workers who are working full time, keep relatively few working hours per week compared to other businesses. The Unemployment rate is also average, making it a safe career option.

Aged care courses are challenging, and you will instinctively know whether it is for you or not. Aged care requires a lot of hard work.  Some tasks may be less enjoyable, and you should be able to handle it. Cleaning the beds and feeding those people who cannot do themselves is not for everyone.

Life assurance in Australia has improved for both sexes in the last century. In addition, age-standardized mortality has declined. Mortality among indigenous and non-indigenous Australians is also decreasing in years.

Aged Care Facility is a place where the elderly live full time. Due to problems with mental or physical work, residents can no longer be able to maintain their property or independence.

Working in an elderly care facility is an ideal choice for those who want to work full time; however, many part-time conditions will also be available.

The demand for elderly and handicapped carers is increasing. Apart from this, the emphasis is on taking advantage of quality aged care service. Needs and expectations have changed over the years and nowadays people are not expected to retire and receive aged medical care. There is a growing demand for care which ensures that people stay in their home for a long time.

  • Nurse
  • Personal or community care worker
  • Health practitioner

Direct care workers either provide service in the elderly care home or person’s home. Elderly care homes only employ qualified and skilled staffs, which means that you need to take a certified course to pursue a career in this field.

Join Aged care courses Australia, if you are eager to be part of this rewarding, challenging and engaging career path.

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