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For Advertisers: How to Encourage your Affiliates to do more.

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Are you a brand in the MENA region that’s chosen to go down the Affiliate Marketing route to improve its earnings? Do you constantly find yourselves wondering how to get the maximum benefit from affiliates that join your affiliate programs in Egypt? Here’s one mantra for guaranteed success: it takes two to tango.

Your work as an advertiser doesn’t end once you get affiliates on board, rather, it just begins. You may think that affiliates would go out of their way to work wonders for your brand if they are offered a commission. Hey, that’s the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. But the trick for long-term growth is to build a strong relationship with your affiliates and consistently encourage them to perform better.

Think of it this way – isn’t it easier for you to retain employees that already know about what your brand stands for than train new recruits that have absolutely zero knowledge of what to do? Pretty sure that you went with the former. Smart move.

To keep your affiliates motivated and your digital marketing game on point, here are a few tips to encourage your affiliates:

affiliate programs in Egypt

1.Crank up the Commissions: For affiliates, it’s all about the money they earn at the end of the day. Let’s face it, money is the name of the game. Although it’s the most effective way to motivate an individual, increasing commissions is not always feasible. Compare your existing commission rates with your profit margins and check if there is a possibility to increase. Another good tip would be to monitor the commission range of your competitors within a similar vertical.

2.Surprise! sales bonus: If you love shopping, discount deals are amazing. But if you’re a shopaholic, ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ deals make your heart swoon and make your stomach do somersaults. Get the drift? It’s the same with your affiliates when you give them unexpected bonuses on affiliate sales. For instance, an affiliate earns 10% commission on a transaction. One sale down, and they get an extra 5% with an appreciation note. Passing out extra commissions during the holiday season is equally beneficial. It’s a great way to boost confidence within affiliates because once they know such bonuses could be around the corner, they would be more driven in the future.

3.Create and deliver engaging content for promoting your brand (audio, video, text, visuals) – With all the things you’ve got on your plate to keep track of, here’s another: it’s not easy for newbie affiliate marketers to generate their own content. While you can encourage your partners in your affiliate network, such as the DCMnetwork, to push their boundaries and create content, it’s good partnership on your part to provide them with content. It not only serves as an example for affiliates, but it also ensures that your brand message is consistent regardless of the diversity in people that market your product/service for you.

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