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Advertisements do More harm than Good

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  • Level of advertising has increased phenomenally

We cannot catch even a single wall which isn’t covered by posters of ads, offers and sales.No one can pass over a route with no billboards.People are assaulted by a vast amount of information which they might not require. Ads are repetitive, which causes irritation.

  • It causes choice overload

Masses are thus overpowered by the adverts that they can’t even tell apart between their needs and the things grabbing attention.Most of the people believe that the advertisements raise their prospects from the merchandise and they regret after buying most of them.Even some companies and shoppers feel like that they have lesser sales because of improper methods of advertising.

  • You just can’t ignore them

They use attention grabbing words and phrases which are too hard to ignore. Some ads are hidden in artworks or pubic work that people don’t even realize that they’re marketed. They make use of that unconscious thought that came to your mind after seeing the ad and you buy the product without thinking. Big hoardings beside the roads are really troubling.

  • Make people feel inferior

People who couldn’t buy the costly products that are advertised feel inferior. Watching the ads, people, especially the young ones made a type with low regard as they compare their body with the models and actors in the advertisements.They follow unhealthy diet programs and fall prey to diseases and unnecessary weight loss. Ads of fairness creams and which guarantee weight loss make people feel inferior or they lose confidence in themselves.

  • Make people more interested in material matters

People are becoming more obsessed with their possessions and are becoming selfish. They forget the importance of family and friends, which has serious effects on the people’s health and society as a whole. Sometimes we use the products without knowing their effects on the environment.

  • Big businessmen get a wrong advantage

Small companies may have better quality products than the big companies. But big companies have a huge budget for advertising their product which makes their product more popular and increases his extent where the products are being sold. This defeats the purpose of the smaller companies to sell good quality goods and even customers end up unhappy due to lower quality products. Advertising requires a lot of money, which would subsequently cause an increase in product price.

  • Sometimes they don’t care about the society

Advertisers only think about themselves and their profit, they don’t think about society or the effects of their advertisement on the people. Young children are most affected by the ads. The ads for fatty foods and junk food are portraying them as the tastiest food without mentioning the harmful aftereffects of eating it. Youth eat these foods in large amounts leading to obesity. Ads are even increasing consumerism. Even some ads show fake pictures and give fake promises.

  • Fake offers and promises

Some ads show fake offers or make fake promises about offers or discounts. This misguides people to buy that thing. So, people should use trusted sites for saving like Savemonk which provides you with a wide range of discounts like Flipkart deals or Flipkart Cashback Offers etc.

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