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4 Advantages you when you apply for a Medical School in the Caribbean

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Applying for a medical university or school of medicine can be an experience for a lifetime for all the students. It is that time of their career when they need to be totally focused and give in their all to come up with a strategy to get the admission in a medical school. While in every country or region in the world, the process is quite difficult, if you want to apply to a caribbean medical school, the process can be more daunting than usual as it is akin to getting an admission in a US/Canadian school.

Caribbean schools are a true test of your desire to be a physician. It’s not that Caribbean schools are the best in the world but by no means inferior to them. The tough schedule can pose a real threat to the daily life of an average student as passing out the test and the subsequent interview can be an overwhelming experience for them.

Let me offer you 4 aspects what advantages you have while applying for a Caribbean medical school.

  1. Admission Process is Easy for Students with Strong Willpower

The admissions process is obviously not a rocket science and anyone can master it in a few months the weak students are exposed right at the start because they are simply not eligible for getting an admission in a medical school. On the other hand students with strong will power and dedicated mind are able to complete the admission requirement.

  1. Caribbean Medical Schools are Quality Institutes

Although you must have heard or read some jokes about Caribbean medical schools, in real there are no such thing. If you are actually aware of the fact that how grueling the process is and why just few of the students out of thousands are able to get admission in Caribbean medical schools, then you will clearly know what I am trying to connote. Over 25% of the doctors in the US have studied from med schools outside the contiguous 48 states and a handsome number of students are from the Caribbean islands.

  1. A Dominant Number of Primary Care Physicians are from the Caribbean Region

If you will search a bit, you will be amazed to know that the majority of all doctors in the US working as primary care physicians have passed out from Caribbean med schools. This is quite a fact that most students do not know. This fact alone can motivate students enough to go for Caribbean med schools as they are premier medical institutes and not just a 3rd grade destination for students used as a last resort.

  1. Trimesters for Students’ Benefit

Many med schools in the Caribbean region like the Windsor University School of Medicine offer admissions in their university 3 times a year. This is because they have trimester system so that a student can get an admission in that particular med school easily. If for any reason, some students have missed a chance to apply for the med school in the January session, for example, they can go for the admission in the May intake.

Final Word

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