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3 Most Beautiful Countries In Europe


I tell you anyone who has a great love for beautiful and scenic views of place would not argue with me about Europes beauty. Even though Europe is a small continent it has a home to beautiful landscape, good people, better food and so much to enjoy nature. It is so much difficult to choose which among them is the best countries because each country is so unique and very beautiful. Some of the Europes countries include Spain, Italy, Norway, France, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Scotland, Iceland and Austria.

A country bubbling with liveliness, beautiful monumental cities made vibrant by its cultural scene that is deep, innovative and very creative. Its beautifully preserved old towns give Spain a well -preserved glow including its Roman ruins.
The country is full of historic architecture. Spain has amazingly hospitable people and also a well enriched culture. If you are looking to party Ibiza is there for all you party freaks. The Spaniards people are known to be cool and laid back and this makes them among the best people in terms of loyalty and their love for people. Something else that you will also love about Spain is their fondness of fiestas. A fiesta is a short nap that is taken in the afternoon and people living in Spain love them. Something else to fall in love with Spain Is their beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Spain is also well known as a crazy football nation and it is their most popular sport. In fact, football looks like a religion in Spain as most people are so much in love with it.

It has been voted to be among one of the most beautiful countries by facebook and twitter users recently. There is nothing you cannot find in Croatia. Its a country of beautiful landscape, enriched culture and also eye-catching blue waters with beautiful beaches. Croatia also boasts of its beautiful national parks. In fact, it has a total of eight national parks with beautiful waterfalls and stunning lakes in them. Croatia has beautiful mountains with sweet smelling pine trees, well scattered wildflowers and beautiful colored butterflies.
One thing you will realize is that Croats love coffee, it is a tradition in Croatia to drink coffee as soon as you get up and that process takes a couple of hours and usually involves doing it with friends or family. Croatia also has a good climate and in fact its one of Europe sunniest countries. It also has atmospheric Roman ruins comprised of ancient temples, walls, underground cellars that were once used a Roman emperors retirement home. Dubrovnik has been used as a filming location for the mega popular tv show called Game Of Thrones as the Kings Landing. Also, the remains of Diocletian’s palace in Split has been used as a filming location in this same tv show.
Many people that visit this country come back for a second and third time and there were many cases of people actually acquiring real estate in Croatia just so that they can have a vacation home and return as many times as they want to.

Its bubbling blue geysers , with spectacular glaciers . It’s a land of ice and fire and It has festivals that include whale watching excursions that are available all year round. Its stylish bars makes Iceland capital one of the best. The famous blue lagoon and the gigantic geothermal spa located on the south coast of Iceland makes Iceland one of the world beautiful destination to visit. It is a breathtaking country that is extremely underrated in the traveling world. It is a country that will make you fall in love with the nature and make you appreciate the real, raw beauty that will forever be stuck in your mind. You simply cannot visit this country once because you will yearn for that feeling of peace and comfort that Iceland provides you with and it will quickly become your favorite destination in the world.

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