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10 Reasons Why Sandals Are Better Than Sneakers


Summer is an amazing time when you can plan for outdoor activities with your family. When the season is at its peak, the heat from the sun only become stronger and severer. During this jolly spell, it is important to keep your feet cool and dry by wearing sandals. There are a number of valid reasons why fashion expert recommends sandals as the best footwear for summer, but we will cut the list down to the top 10 reasons.

1. Odorless

When engaging in outdoor activities during the hot summer, wearing confined shoes like sneakers may cause sweating of your feet. It is important to look for odoriferous shoes which have plenty of aeration, thus preventing odor causing by bacteria and making your feet to smell bad when you remove shoes.

2. Appealing

It is almost impossible to find sneakers that are fit for official purpose. However, sandals you can find in stores now are superb for such occasion and can be worn when going to the office or for a dress up party. If you are looking to make a fashion statement this summer, you should try complimenting your dress with a pair of sandals.

3. Convenience

When walking across a pool on a hot summer and you are tempted to dip your feet inside and cool down, you want shoes that are convenient to get into and out of. Sneakers are quite a nuisance as you will have to waste a lot of time fiddling with laces before you remove the shoes from your feet. On the other hand, sandals can be removed with no effort.

4. Infection

Wearing sneakers during summer makes you highly susceptible to fungal infections since they become warm and moist. These conditions are normally attributed to hot weather and sweat from your confined feet. You can prevent infection by opting for sandals as the fungus is not fond of dry and hot conditions.

5. Compactness

It is much easier to carry sandals for your summer vacation as they are more compact compared to sneakers. Moreover, the space required to fit a pair of sneakers is enough to pack two pairs of sandals.

6. Children’s favorite

Kids are very fond of wearing sandals during summer. This allows them more time to play and lesser time to whine during those extremely hot days. Make summer special for your children by offering them a pair of sandals to cool their feet and a glass of lemonade to calm the rest of the body.

7. Good for Work-outs

There are certain sandal brands that are designed for athletes and people who love to work out. They are good for exercising as they allow your feet to remain dry despite the rigorous exercise.

8. Walk in Water

If you are concerned about the safety of your feet and want to be extra careful while swimming in the beach, sandals are your perfect companion. In fact, there are special brands that are specifically designed for this purpose. On the other hand, it is not advisable to walk in water with your sneakers as this will cause them to easily wear out.

9. Eco-friendly Footwear

If you are an environmentalist and looking for an eco-friendly footwear, you will surely fall in love with brands like cork sandals. Eco-friendly sneakers are almost unheard of since they incorporate plastic in their manufacture.

10. Fashionable

Sandals are practically designed for every reason. They are considered the best footwear for summer, and can easily fit with many different clothing styles.

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