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10 New Features Added in Microsoft Office you’ll Love

Microsoft Office

Microsoft announced the availability of office for windows desktop platform, used by more than 1 billion people worldwide.firstly you remember that Microsoft ‘s major part of revenue comes from the Microsoft office suite like as Microsoft office 365 services and It is also one of the biggest revenue channels for the company.

Microsoft provides a new version of the office every three years, Office today faces more competition than it has in the recent times.A number of appearing players including Google’s Drive suit and open source like OpenOffice and LibreOffice offer’s features for no cost at all. Microsoft Office comes with many new features that we are going to list in this post.

Top 10 New Features in Microsoft Office Application

1.Co-authoring Sharepoint online

maybe the single biggest addition to office is the introduction of a feature which is called co-authoring in several office application such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.A co-authoring feature has been only available in Google Docs and Microsoft word online for a long time but Microsoft brought this features to the desktop version of the office.

2.Data Forecasting in one Click

Data Forecasting in one Click feature is one of the most used in only Microsoft Excel. It provides the critical output based on a historical data in your workbook and It is very easy to get data forecast on Microsoft Excel-like as you need to do is select the cell and on the basis of selected cells, Excel will offer the one-click option for forecasting. If you face any problem regarding Microsoft Excel, you need Microsoft Excel help so you can contact Microsoft phone number.

3.Microsoft Office Sway

Microsoft added office Sway feature, it is one more app in the office suite that is used in Microsoft can create the interactive presentation with the help of office sway app.It was available as a standalone program, but now it is included in Microsoft Office apps.Office Sway lets you make interesting media presentation that can be quickly made and embedded on websites.

4.Tell Me

Remember the Clippy assistant we used to have an older version of Office? Well, Office 2016 brings a new assistant to help you while editing your documents. This feature is present in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project, Visio, and Access. You can simply type in your query and Tell Me will get the answers for you.

5.Smart Lookup

In Microsoft office, grammar and word correction have always been random.but Smart Lookup features in the office version will provide you with dependent information about words and phrases. when you select a word and phrases in Ms word, MS PowerPoint or any other office application the sidebar open at the right side with details about the selected text from various sources.

6.Mail Triage

Mail Triage feature is the used for Outlook for search email pattern. The Microsoft Outlook client now analyses your emailing pattern and the people you email the most to prioritize your email inbox and presents email is a much better way that not only saves you time but presents everything that is important for you. If you

7.Microsoft planner

Microsoft office comes with new features called planner that allows a team to make a project and quickly make tasks and document. Microsoft planner is also introducing a feature called office graph that keeps a record f every document editing, email related actions and another activity for users. 10 support

Microsoft has deeply integrated many windows 10 features that work great with Microsoft office. you can use Cortana with Microsoft office and you can use the biometric security.the company introduced a new desktop operating system for biometric authentication measure which checks a person’s face to log into the computer. themes in Microsoft Word

Microsoft provides a new wave of fresh air to Mac users and Windows users as well with two themes. You can choose a Blue theme or a Classic theme as per your liking.

you can now change the light, shiny interface to a rad looking Dark Grey theme.

10.Business integration for Skype and OneDrive

Microsoft bought Skype long ago and after that day, Skype allows you to talk colleagues, initiate and join an online meeting and share your screen with your colleagues.It has been their priority to make Skype a better communication tool for businesses and Skype can now be used with other office application while co-authoring a document for better communication.

On the other hand, OneDrive integration enables you to open an office document from anywhere and from any supported can not only access these files, you can pick up right from where have you left on other devices.It has got some improvements of its own such as you can sync multiple selective folders now.

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